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Bionoid Pharmaceutical research and testing facilities acquire samples, test efficacy of claimed benefit, conduct medicinal research, compound pharmaceutical testing and work to improve our understanding of this power plant and how it may benefit humankind and animal species alike. Join for a full encyclopedia access to the single most essential and high-value information in the CBD vertical.

All Bionoid Products
derived from its own organic hemp fields

30,000 Acres of land dedicated to farming hemp in the state of California, Bionoid is currently acquiring land to expand its organic hemp farming.

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Try our CBD gummies for a better night's sleep.

  • Research and Results

    Research and Results

    All of our extensive testing and formulation development is done under a strict quality-controlled environment.

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  • Product Development

    Product Development

    Bionoid is developing products that work as intended with results unsurpassed using our organically grown hemp.

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  • Acquisitions


    Bionoid is growing and expanding its operations with the acquisition of talent, technology and locations worldwide.

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A fully vertically integrated cannabis company in the state of California that cultivates, extracts, tests and distributes organic hemp , cannabinoid and related products.

  • Transparent Operations

    Virtual tours of labs, farms and processing facilities of all Bionoid CBD product and organic hemp cultivation operations.

  • Transparent Results

    Bionoid publishes all test results from compound pharmaceutical and benefits, medicinal and naturopathic studies online.

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Some people use CBD as an end-all-cure-all. Others take their regular prescription medication while using CBD on the side, others take it as a supplement to aide in times of anxiety, sleeplessness to alleviate temporary problems. Bionoid Pharma is dedicated to the holistic vertical of the Cannabis Plant from seed biology to the results realized from its harvested and extracted compounds.

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Science and Nature of Bionoid Pharma

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Who is Bionoid?

Bionoid is a privately held corporation in the state of California, with roots in organic farming, and hemp cultivation, it grew into a fully integrated vertical corporation acquiring operations and distributing products worldwide.  If you have interest in biopharmaceutical industry and CBD, Bionoid Pharma is an essential resource must have.

Bionoid Mission?

To research and resolve the CBD debate through extensive study and testing to provide natural solutions to beauty, wellness, mental health and well being.

Bionoid Value Proposition?

Creating a more powerful CBD through the cultivation of organically grown and scientifically extracted THC FREE cannabidiol.  

Bionoid Research and Development?

Bionoid is an agriculture and biopharmaceutical company focused on the research, development and commercialization of plant-derived cannabinoid-based products for the global consumer, medical, and pharmaceutical market segments.

Bionoid Products?

All Bionoid Pharma products are 100% THC Free and are extracted using GMP compliant technology.  Each Bionoid product is derived from organically grown THC free hemp.  We currently sell CBD Gummies intended as temporarily relief from insomnia and have improved quality of sleep for our customers, CBD isolate, and CBD gelcap supplements which show promise of relieving pain, inflammation, anxiety and mood disorders.

You’ll get weekly updates on CBD research and products available for your health and wellness.

Join the Bionoid community for an in-depth look into organic hemp products for health and wellness. Binoid is actively expanding its product line and operations into the research, testing, efficacy and uses for CBD and hemp derived wellness from agriculture to consumption.